Maligawa elephant goes berserk


From Ranjith Senaweera in Peradeniya

An elephant named Sinharaja, which was being taken for the Dodamwela Devala perehera, went berserk at Bulumulla Junction, on the Kiribathkumbura – Waturakumbura road on Thursday evening. Its mahout, Jayantha, who was injured after being thrown to the ground by it, was admitted to the Peradeniya hospital.

Sinharaja, belonging to the Dalada Maligawa, was being taken by its handler from his residence to the Devale when the incident occurred. The enraged elephant had blocked all traffic on the route till about 8.30 p.m.

Diyawadane Nilame Pradeep Dela Bandara and contingents of policemen from Peradeniya rushed to the scene on hearing of the commotion and attempted to pacify the animal. Finally, a brother of its mahout with great difficulty managed to tether the elephant to a culvert with a chain and avert any further tragedy.

Later, veterinary doctors, from the Peradeniya University, anaesthetised the animal, enabling it to be led back safely, thereby allowing normal traffic to resume.


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