CCD Chief wants more info on Museum theft main suspect


By Madura Ranwala

 Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police, Anura Senanayake yesterday thanked media for the support in making people aware about the main suspect in the Museum theft, Lasange Priyantha Mendis, and publishing the photograph in newspapers and showing it on electronic media.

He said that the police received accurate information from the public about the suspect’s whereabouts three times following wide media exposure, but the police could not arrest him as the suspect was good enough to evade arrest.

But, the optimistic DIG requested media to publish the photograph of the main suspect on a daily basis to arrest him and to elicit details about the persons behind the grand theft to prove to the public that the police were concerned over the matter and to arrest other culprits whatever the position he or she might be holding.

He reiterated that the main suspect was a drug addict according to information the police had so far received, though public looked at this suspect from a different angle.

He said, "The drug addict is not the one that the public assume as a person who steals and sells cheap materials and always in a state of intoxication, but he is a mastermind drug addict who could plan a well organized crime."

He said that the police would take stern action against the suspects in the museum theft case as it was a national crime and would never take a backward step in going after the suspects.

Pointing out how serious the police were about the incident he said that the accomplices who were arrested in connection with the robbery were still in remand.

"Therefore, I need the support of the public and my phone number is on 24 hours even at mid night. I need people’s support to arrest him and publish the photograph daily in the front page until the arrest is made."

Senior DIG, Anura Senanayake could be contacted on 0777755950 at any time.

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