Joint TU action urged

by Lal Gunasekera

The Free Trade Zones and General Services Employees Union has called upon all trade unions, in the private and public sectors, to join hands to launch a joint campaign to win the promised salary increase of Rs. 2,500 made during the campaign leading to the Presidential election of January 26.

The Joint Secretary of the FTZGSEU, Anton Marcus, told The Island that it was now very clear that this promise would not be fulfiled by the government as the Appropriation Bill presented in Parliament does not have any provision for a salary increase. No tangible action had been taken to make it effective, he said.

"The employees in both the pubic and private sectors have been living in hope that the promise would be fulfiled. Prices of certain essential items have been increased. The purchasing power of Rs. 2,500 has diminished and would not be sufficient now," Marcus said.

He told The Island that the response of the government has been nil and they had totally disregarded the action taken by unions so far. "The government seems to have no intention of fulfiling its promise," he said.

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