JVP admits difficulty in preserving HR during times of war


The JVP yesterday said that Sri Lanka could have avoided foreign intervention had it adopted tangible measures to improve the human rights situation at least after the conclusion of the war in May last year.

The JVP warned the recent moves by the UN and EU directed against Sri Lanka could cause economic chaos and political instability unless the government acted prudently.

Addressing the media at party headquarters, JVP General Secretary Tilvin Silva, while acknowledging the difficulty in preserving human rights during a military campaign accused the government of failing to change its attitude even after the war. Silva alleged that government had failed to handle post-war issues, particularly the war displaced, ex-LTTE cadres in military detention and human rights abuses, thereby paving the way for foreign intervention.

Commenting on the controversial UN decision to appoint a three-member panel to advice UN Chief Ban ki-Moon on accountability issues regarding human rights violations during Sri Lanka’s war against LTTE terrorism, the JVPer said the international community had stepped in for want of government action.

JVP General Secretary Silva faulted the government for increasing the defence allocation for 2010, though the LTTE no longer posed a conventional military threat. He asserted that the government was bent on strengthening the military at the expense of re-building the national economy following a 30-year war.

While criticizing Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa for interfering with the right of the JVP to engage in politics in the north, JVP General Secretary Silva said that a section of the international community was continuing its agenda, though it had failed to realize its objective through the LTTE’s military power. He pointed out that the likes of Special Japanese envoy Akashi, while promising more funds for the government, continued to espouse separatist sentiments.

The JVPer said that the country faced the risk of full implementation of the 13th Amendment as revealed by Ambassador Akashi following a recent meeting with President Rajapaksa.

JVP General Secretary Silva criticized the government for failing to adopt a sensible foreign policy. Some government leaders, Silva said acted like village thugs and challenged the international community, though they go on bended knees pleading for massive loans.

Referring to a $ 2.6 billion loan sought by Sri Lanka from the IMF last year, he said that the government was struggling to meet the conditions laid down by the international lending agency ahead of the forthcoming Budget. He warned that the government would never be able to present a people’s friendly Budget due to poor economic management, waste, corruption and irregularities. A rapidly widening budget deficit had caused severe difficulties with the government now going for short-term measures to raise revenue, he said. The JVP asserted that in the face of dwindling income vis-a-vis expenditure, the government would have no option but to impose new taxes, increase existing taxes and drastically cut down on welfare measures.

The JVP alleged that President Rajapaksa should be ashamed for failing to at least provide milk food to the children, though he is called the father of the liberated nation.

The JVP General Secretary said that the people were struggling to make ends meet, while the government offered tax concessions to the rich and the influential. He also claimed that the country had not benefitted from the recent Indian International Film Academy (IIFA) ceremony in Colombo, though the government spent a staggering Rs 1,100 million. There had not been any political or economic benefits contrary to claims by the government, he said

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