‘False statement’: Judge asks police if legal action against Major possible

Attack on army intelligence officers

By Madura Ranwala and Kamal Bogoda

Malaka Silva and Rehan Wijeyaratne were released on bail in Rs. 50,000 cash and surety in Rs. 01 million each, when the case against them was taken up by Colombo Fort Magistrate Kanishka Wijeratne yesterday.

The duo had been charged with assaulting an Army Intelligence officer in the wee hours of Sept. 8 at the Hilton Colombo Residence. While releasing them on bail, the Magistrate warned them that bail would be cancelled if they committed similar offences. They were also ordered to report to the Slave Island police every Sunday between 9.00 a.m. and 12.00 noon.

When the Magistrate asked the complainant why the sworn affidavit he submitted to Court differed from the statement he had given to the police, the latter said he had been in a state of shock at the time of the initial complaint.

Major Chandana Pradeep Susena also said that he had made such a complaint according to what he heard from the people who took him to hospital.

Asked how many statements he had made, he said he had made one to the police post at the hospital and another to the Slave Island police station.

The Magistrate asked the Major how a person like him, who had been serving in the war for 16 years, could get shocked in such a manner, he said he had experienced such a shock as well as bleeding ever before.

The Major told Court that he had been on a covert drug busting operation at that time to arrest a suspect following a tip-off.

When the magistrate asked whether he had informed the authorities in writing, he said that he had not, but high ranking officers had been informed of his going there.

The Magistrate ordered the police to see if there was a possibility to file a case against the Major for making a false statement against the main suspects.

The identification parade of the other suspects would be held on September 24. The Court did not take up the report of the video footage yesterday. However, the police received an order from the Court to investigate the incident from the video footage and to ascertain who the real attackers of the major were.

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