Heart diseases cause premature deaths

By Don Asoka Wijewardena 

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD), including heart diseases and strokes cause premature deaths. Contrary to common beliefs women are as equally vulnerable as men while children too, are vulnerable. Most deaths caused by CVDs are preventable, Consultant Cardiologist Dr, Ruwan Ekanayaka said.

Speaking at a media conference on World Heart Day, Prevention of Heart Disease among Women and Children, at the Health Education Bureau on September 27, he said Individuals, families, communities and the government should work together to avoid the physical, emotional and financial burdens caused by CVDs.

Immediate action was required to ensure a heart-healthy future for all, Dr. Ekanayaka pointed out.

He said that a diet high in saturated and trans fat sugar and salt would increase the risk of heart disease and stroke while a balanced diet, rich in fruit and vegetables, would help it.

Non-Communicable Disease Unit Director Dr. Talatha Leyanage said that CVDs could develop before birth. Children might suffer a double burden from CVDs, seeing a loved one becoming ill or experiencing congenital or acquired heart disease themselves.

She added that the efforts to encourage healthy changes in women and the children’s lives were required from the conception through to life’s end.

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