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Shraddha Television Channel, the latest Buddhists channel formalized its arrangements with Sri Lanka Telecom’s Peo TV at a ceremony organized for the occasion at the Galle Face hotel on Friday.

"We are pleased to fill the spiritual needs of the people. At a time when the pursuit of everything material has given way to selfish needs and mindless consumption, our channel which is committed to propagating the pure teachings of the Buddha, will uphold the values of Meththa, Muditha, Karuna and Upekkha, the qualities of a sublime mind", said Roshini Rajapaksa, Chairperson of Shraddha TV.

"We are proud of the launch of the Shraddha Television which will spread the wise teachings and humanity of Buddhism," said Greg Young, Chief Executive Officer of SLT.

The Ven. Aludeniye Subhodhi Thero speaking at the press conference introduced the programme line up. He noted that Shraddha TV which utilizes high definition recording, will strive at every point to be relevant to the people in today’s world.

Citing the instance of an individual tormented mentally over a small childhood incident, the thero said that some of its programmes would address the psycho-social needs of our people today. Given the technology, Shraddha TV is also available to many with programmes cast in both the Sinhala and English language.

"Today, there is a population of youth for whom the first language is English, and we have , in recognition of them produced some very relevant programmes", the thero added.

The media was given a preview of the channel’s programme line up. The superiority of the production qualities was clear with the graphical animation of a budding lotus which metamorphosed into the Shraddha TV’s logo.

With sound tracks designed for each programme, Shraddha Television has harnessed the power of technology to bring to a modern society, the age old teachings of the Buddha in a captivating and relevant fashion.

Malraj Balapitiya, CEO, Peo Television noted that the the channel which aims not only to provide true psychological comfort and solace to the average citizen will make itself relevant to old and young alike.

Telecast on Channel 99 of PEo TV, limited simulcasts are also available on TNL television on specific time belts. The channel is free for all PEO Television Customers.

PEO Television has pioneered several offerings in the past including , time shift tv, video on demand and rain proof television.

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