Desperate woman kills abusive husband

By Madura Ranwala

A 47-year-old woman, who allegedly killed her drunken husband by hitting him on the head with a mammoty, was remanded till October 10, when she was produced before Kantale Magistrate’s Court, by the Thambalagamuwa police yesterday.

According to the police, the wife of the deceased was the breadwinner of a family of four girls, due to her husband’s addiction to liquor. The husband was a labourer and had spent all his earnings on liquor.

However, the woman had educated her two elder daughters, at an orphanage in Trincomalee, while the two younger daughters aged seven and eight were being educated at home.

However, on the fateful day, her husband had, with a mammoty in his hand, chased after the elder daughter, who was pregnant, demanding money for liquor. The suspect had grabbed the mammoty from her husband’s hands and hit him on the head with it, to save her pregnant daughter from possible death.

The pregnant daughter had been with her mother and husband had not been at home at the time of the tragedy.

The suspect’s 46-year-old husband, Krishnan Sudakaran, a resident of Arpa Nagar at Thambalagamuwa, was admitted to the Kandy hospital with head injuries on September 25 and succumbed to the injuries on September 27.

The police said that the doctors were told, on admission, that the man had received injuries in a fall. But the JMO report had revealed that it was not so. The police then conducted inquiries and arrested the wife over the killing.

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