UNP rebels vow to attend rally organised by Sangha with SF


By Saman Indrajith

UNP rebel MPs yesterday vowed to attend the October 18 United Bhikkhu Front rally organised with the aim of forming an alliance headed by former Army Commander Gen. Sarath Fonseka to abolish the executive presidency.

UNP Puttalam District MP Palitha Range Bandara, addressing a press conference in Rajagiriya, said the abolition of executive presidency was one of the policy decisions taken by the UNP, therefore none could find fault with UNPers for attending that rally.

Displaying some paper cuttings of news and interviews of the UNP leader promising to abolish the executive presidency and do away with the 18th Amendment to the Constitution, the MP said that the meeting scheduled to be held on Oct 18 was very much in accordance with those promises.

"When the 18th Amendment was before Parliament, we demanded that our leaders go against it, but we were instructed to take the struggle to the streets. The struggle against the executive presidency, too, was promised to be taken to the masses. But, nothing has happened. Seeing that the Opposition is not doing enough, the Maha Sangha has now come forward to organise and mobilise the masses against these two political evils. We are only supporting them," Range Bandara said.

A large number of UNP parliamentarians, Provincial Council and local government members would attend the rally on October 18, Bandara said. "Not only UNP, but some prominent government members have pledged their support. They would join us at the right time."

Asked to name the ruling party members supporting the common opposition alliance of General Sarath Fonseka, the MP said that it was not the right time to reveal their names. "If we reveal the names, the government would do everything in its power to stop them. They will join us at the right time."

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