Battered JSC Secretary to face inquiry over media statement

by Zacki Jabbar

In a new twist to last weeks goon attack on the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) Secretary Manjula Tillekeratne in Mount Lavinia,the government said yesterday that he had no right to be issuing press statements.

Media Minister,Keheliya Rambukwalle told journalists in Colombo,that the conduct of the JSC Secretary subsequent to the physical attack on him which led to his hospitalization, would have to be inquired into.

Manjula Tillekeratne by issuing statements of his own in an official capacity has violated the Establishment Code,the Minister noted.

Asked,if the contents of the media release were incorrect,Rambukwella said the issue at hand was not the facts,but the behaviour of a public servant.

Responding to allegations that the JSC Secretary was not protected despite there being a threat to his life,the Minister said that the security offered by the government had been refused.

On September 29, a day before Tillekeratne was assaulted by four thugs ,he said that there was high level interference in the judiciary and a threat to all its members from top downwards,including their families.

He,also complained of an imminent threat to his life and that of his immediate family.

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