Colombo high-end perverts worse than touts, beach boys — foreigners

By Mario Andree

Several tourists, who were present at a forum recently, complained of sexual harassment in Sri Lanka and said physical sexual harassment in the country was the highest in the region. According to a recent study by the European Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka (ECCSL), most of the foreign women had complained of such incidents.

At a forum organized by the ECCSL to promote sustainable tourism, participating tourists said that sexual harassment was higher in Colombo than in other areas.

The tourists claimed that well dressed high-end residents were worse than beach boys or rural people. According to them, though the incidence of verbal abuse was higher in other parts of the country, Colombo was the worst where physical sexual harassment was concerned. "Sexual harassment is far too high in Colombo and not only tourists even local women cannot go out alone after eight in the night, though reports say that sexual harassment is high on beaches and the highly visited sites, the worst kinds of harassment takes place in Colombo." Replying to a statement made by a senior hotelier, who said that sexual harassment was low in Sri Lanka compared to some other regional countries, ECCSL, Coordinator - Project Development & Communications, Alexandra Delaney said that she had worked and visited many other destinations and had come across harassment in those countries but incidents in Sri Lanka were very high.

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