Drug baron gets caught in STF trap

By Shamindra Ferdinando

Acting on information elicited from a heroin addict police commandos over the weekend arrested a notorious gangster working for a major heroin distribution network.

A spokesman for the elite Special Task Force (STF) told The Island that the arrest was made near a supermarket in the Kotikawatte police area at about 10.00 am on Saturday.

"We established contact with the gang with the help of the heroin addict, who introduced us as businessmen wanting to buy heroin. They offered to sell us 600 grammes and five milligrammes for Rs. 4 million. "Once we reached agreement on the transaction, they asked us to come to a certain place on Friday, though they didn’t make contact. We rushed to several places, on their instructions, over next several hours before they asked us to meet them near a supermarket at Kotikawatte," the official said.

The official said that soon after the Prado, carrying commandos in plainclothes, stopped near the supermarket, gangsters on ten motor bikes surrounded the vehicle. "We used a Prado to deceive the gang. We were acting as rich businessmen and couldn’t have afforded to use a normal police vehicle. Obviously they kept us under surveillance before making contact," the official said adding that one of the gangsters got into the Prado to finalise the transaction.

The police identified the arrested person as a resident of Rajagiriya, wanted in connection with two killings and several other cases.

The STF had a back-up team at the scene to assist those involved in the operation. However, as soon as they knew that the police had trapped their man, the others fled the scene on their motorcycles, taking off in different directions.

The STF handed over the suspect to the Police Narcotics Bureau (PNB) for further investigations.

Director PNB SSP Nalaka Silva told The Island that the suspect would be held for seven days under Detention Orders.

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