Health food to be promoted in a big way

By Don Asoka Wijewardena

The National Food Vendors’ Committee, comprising leading private sector food outlet owners and officials of the Health Ministry’s Food and Drug Control Unit have decided to open Health Food Corners at leading fast food centres in the country.

The Food and Drug Control Unit has requested the National Food Vendors’ Committee to make local and natural food available to the public, as junk food causes many health problems especially among students, according to Medical

Research Institute (MRI) Director Dr. Anil Samaranayaka, who addressed a Media Conference on Healthfest at the Health Education Bureau on November 2.

Dr. Samaranayaka said that the Health Ministry had requested the Food Vendors’ Committee to promote healthy food. He pointed out that in response to the Health Ministry’s request the Food Vendors’ Committee had decided to open health food corners at the leading food outlets soon. According to medical statistics, one in every ten persons suffers from diabetes and one in every five from hypertension. By nature, man was herbivorous, Dr. Samaranayaka said, adding that overeating had to be avoided if people were to remain healthy.

Consultant Community Physician Dr. Ms. Sisi Perera said that it was always better to consume salt sparingly. One teaspoon of salt per day was recommended.

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