Health Ministry allays fear of dengue outbreak

Torrential rains experienced during the last few days would not lead to an outbreak of dengue, the spokesman for the Health Ministry said yesterday. He said the heavy rains may have washed away larvae and the eggs of the Aedes mosquito, which spreads dengue.

Intermittent showers usually worsened the situation as rain water collected in various places allowing the dengue mosquito to breed, the spokesman said.

Over 35,000 dengue cases have been reported from January till the end of last week while there were approximately 8,293 dengue cases reported from the Colombo City alone.

The Health Ministry spokesman however said that the Health Minister had issued instructions to all regional and provincial heath directors to work in collaboration with the tri-forces and the Disaster Management Centre in flood affected areas. They had been instructed to implement community health care services, distribute cooked food to the displaced, make available sanitary facilities and chlorinate the well contaminated by floods.

They have also been asked to provide maternal and child health care services. (DJ)

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