Sirisena admits Health Ministry full of sex maniacs


Acknowledging that even the executive staff of the health Ministry were not safe from sex maniacs, Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena said among ministries the Health Ministry and its affiliated organisations were the most notorious places for sexual offences and harassment.

He said the majority of victims were minor female staff.

The Ministry had formulated a plan to open Mituru Piyasa Units in each hospital to treat and counsel the women who had become victims of sexual harassment and offences, he said adding that the Mituru Piyasa units would also be opened in Eastern and Northern hospitals.

The Units would called in Tamil Nat Fu Nilagam, he said at the launch of three books on ‘Protocol for ‘Gender-Based Violence Care Centre’, ‘Gender-Based Violence Information’ and Facilitator Manual for ‘Training of Care Staff of Gender-Based Violence’, at the Galadari hotel on November 9.

Minister Sirisena said that sexual violence in urban and rural areas, especially in the government ministries, departments and their affiliated organisations had shown an upward trend in recent times. The root causes of sexual violence on women were ignorance and addiction to drugs and alcohol.

He pointed out that a cross-section of female employees serving the government Ministries, departments and affiliated organisations underwent sexual offences and harassment on daily basis, but they were too shy to reveal their suffering. Whenever he visited his home town, Polonnaruwa, about 100 to 200 people used to see him at his residence. Around 90 per cent of them were women. Minister Sirisena added that the women saw him with separate letters which were heart-rending, because they complained of sexual harassment and offences and wife beating. A few weeks ago, a number of girls employed in the Health Ministry had come to him and cried. They told him that they could not perform the jobs, because sexual harassment was rampant in the Ministry. Even women in the executive grades were affected.

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