Little granddaughter no-balls Health Minister

Non-communicable diseases

Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena said there was difference of opinion among doctors on food related non-communicable diseases. Some claimed that bread and rice were not healthy while others promote the consumption of rice, he added.

The Minister said that he had been forced to come to an agreement with his ten-year-old granddaughter on Sunday (11) when she showed him a book written by a doctor. "I reached an agreement with her to talk to several other doctors on the matter and get their opinion as well. The Minister said that he had suggested to the ten–year-old that they at least skip one meal of rice a day in order to prevent contacting an NCD.

"However, she disputed my view and noballed me in style by showing me a book written by a doctor serving at the Wathupitiwala hospital on NCDs.

Over 650 persons die of NCDs such as diabetes, stroke and high blood pressure daily." (DJ)

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