Hayleys Exports PLC renamed Hayleys Fibre PLC

Hayleys Exports PLC., a global player in the natural fibre products market, has announced a change to the company’s name and the adoption of a new logo, both of which provide closer alignment and identification with its products and brand.

Effective 2nd November 2012, the company is renamed Hayleys Fibre PLC, forging an instant link with a range of products including Mattresses, Bedding, Cushions, Geo-Textiles and Horticultural Products marketed around the world under the brand name ‘Hayleys Fibre’, the company said in a statement.

The name change comes at a time when the Hayleys Group’s Fibre sector is experiencing a turnaround in financial performance with record revenues. Companies in the sector contributed Rs 2.6 billion to Group turnover and Rs 154 million to profit before tax and interest in the first half of the financial year.

"We are on the threshold of a new phase of growth and development and we believe the new name will add significant value," said Prasanna de Silva, Managing Director of Hayleys Fibre PLC and Head of the Hayleys Group’s Fibre sector. "It will help build mind share at a time when the company is focusing on greater automation, market development and development of people."

The new logo, of crossed coconut palms flanked by the words Hayleys Fibre and the legend ‘Made in Ceylon’ represents the source of the raw material and is evocative of the eco-friendly nature of the company’s products and its long heritage, dating back to the Chas P. Hayley factories in Galle.

Hayleys Fibre PLC offers an extensive range of products, including mattress fibre, bristle fibre, twisted fibre, coir twine, woven geo textiles, stitched erosion control blankets, coir pillows, bio fibres, coconut husk chips, coco poles, grow sticks, coir logs and coir slabs.

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