Ghost wins the day: Villagers thwart exorcism

From Wimal Keerthi - Negombo Group Corr.

An exorcist, who went to chase away ghosts from a large haunted house at Eththukala, Negombo, his assistant and the owner of the house were apprehended by the villagers and handed over to the police, thinking that they were planning to sacrifice a human life to obtain a hidden treasure.

The house is situated in a large coconut estate in the Eththukala tourist zone. Following the death of his wife, the wealthy house owner had been living there alone. From recently, in the dead of the night, black cats had been causing a massive racket in the house.

To find an answer to the nightly menace, the owner had consulted a soothsayer, who had advised him to obtain the services of a good exorcist to tackle the ghost of a person who had died in the house.

Accordingly, an exorcist from Anuradhpura was brought down for the job. On Monday, the exorcist had gone there with an assistant. While they were getting ready for the exorcism, the owner had also provided an 18-year-old youth from the area to assist them. After they got their offerings ready the exorcist had given the local youth a coconut to hold while he recited some mantras to it. The young man thinking that they were about to sacrifice his life to obtain a treasure had shouted for help. On hearing his screams, the villagers had rushed to the place and barged into the house. The wealthy house owner angered by the audacity of the villagers had struck a blow at one of them, whereupon they had overpowered the exorcist, his helper and the owner and handed them over to the area tourist police claiming they were about to take a human sacrifice to obtain a treasure.

Officer in Charge of the Negombo tourist police Inspector Athula Gamage is conducting the investigation.

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