Not enough iodine in salt

By Don Asoka Wijewardena

There has been an alarming increase in Thyroid goiters and cancer among women, in some provinces, as salt in the market does not contain prescribed amounts of iodine.

Consultant Nutritionist Dr. Ms. Renuka Jayatissa yesterday cautioned that the common iodised salt available in the market was sub-standard.

Some packets contained less iodine and some a high percentage of iodine.

Dr. Ms. Jayatissa pointed out that the Health Ministry had not issued any guidelines to salt producers on the prescribed iodine levels in salt.

She said that iodine deficiency in humans could cause many health complications, because iodine was essential for the thyroid glands to function properly. Iodine deficiency could cause thyroid cancer, narrowing of the glands and goiters, she said.

Asked whether the Health Ministry would issue guidelines to the salt industrialists, Dr. Ms. Jayatissa said that the draft bill to introduce an Act had been forwarded to the legal draftsman.

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