Teachers want all schools administered by the centre

By Cyril Wimalasurendre

KANDY – The National Teacher’s Council (NTC) has urged the government to scrap the Provincial Councils’ Ministries of Education and take the entire education administration under the Central Government’s Ministry of Education.

President of the National Teachers’ Council (NTC), former parliamentarian Nimal Premawansa, told a media conference in Kandy on Wednesday (21) that the education management of the country had been messed up by the dual administration.

Nearly 10,000 schools in the country were managed by the Provincial Councils while only 326 schools, named National Schools, were managed by the Central Government’s Ministry of Education. The National Schools belong to the superior class with State patronage while the majority of schools under provincial councils received step-motherly treatment, Premawansa pointed out.

Teachers in schools under Provincial Council administration were compelled to wait for years for transfers, both, within the province or outside while a handful of teachers who have political and other connections enjoy privileges, Premawansa said.

There are 13 ministers in charge of the education of the country, yet, the country has no solution for the grave problem of admission of children to year one in schools, he said adding that both the provincial ministries of education and the Provincial councils system should be done away with.

The Provincial Councils were not only a burden on the country but also an impediment to unity and development, Premawansa claimed.

He said the Provincial Councils were imposed on Sri Lanka by India as a solution to separatist terrorism. Terrorism is now wiped out.

There were a handful demanding that the provincial council system remain as they fear that they would be compelled to forgo privileges and benefits.

Deputy President of the National Teachers’ Council (NTC) G. I. Bandara and Committee Member Amila Bandara were present.

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