MLTs urge govt. to provide NCDIs at local level

Dilanthi Jayamanne

The Sri Lanka Society for Medical Laboratory Science (SLSMLS) yesterday urged the government to establish Non Communicable Disease Institutions affiliated to MOH offices.

President of the SLSMLS, Ravi Kumudesh said that the health authorities were attempting to employ the methods used in controlling communicable diseases to control NCDp and that was not practical.

The country already had a national policy and strategic framework for preventing and controlling chronic NCDs.

The SLSMLS President said that MOH offices already had maternal and child health care clinics. At least ten of these clinics should be converted into NCD control clinics through which a laboratory facility should be provided.

Currently, the facility was only available in the private sector, Kumudesh said

The MOH should be able to maintain the data of all individuals while a qualified nutritionist or a trained nurse should be able to advise people on their food habits.

Meanwhile, the SLSMLS, in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Society of Private Medical Laboratory Practitioners (SLSPMLP), the Gym Association, the Sports Medical Unit and the Lanka Institution for Fitness and Nutrition, will carry out laboratory tests in every district.

The medical and lab teams would assess possible vulnerability to NCDs, their food patterns and advice would be given to those who show signs of NCD vulnerability, he said.

The first programme was scheduled to be held in Negombo next Friday (30) at the New Town Hall, Kumudesh added.

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