Private sector planned TNT shortage


Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena has instructed the National Cosmetic Devices and Drug Regulatory Authority (NCDDCA) Director Dr. Senerath Beneragama to conduct an investigation into the recent shortage of TNT tablets in 180 pharmacies.

The Minister had instructed the Medical Supplies Division (MSD) Director Dr. Kamal Jayasinghe to issue one month’s stock of TNT (trinitrate-gleceride), which is kept under the tongue by heart patients in an emergency, to 180 private pharmacies as the drug was out of stock, the Health Ministry said.

Dr. Jayasinghe yesterday said that if there was a shortage of TNT, the private pharmacy owners should be blamed for it.

He pointed out that there was no shortage of TNT in government hospitals. He had adequate stocks of TNT to meet even a six-month demand. Had the private pharmacies placed their orders at least one month in advance. either the State Pharmaceuticals Corporation (SPC) or the MSD could have supplied the drug on time, he said, urging all pharmacies to maintain adequate stocks of living saving drungs for the benefit of the public.

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