Ghosts in Welikada after bloody riots?

By Norman Palihawadana

A senior prison official yesterday scotched rumours that a section of the Welikada prisons was haunted.

The official told The Island that there was no truth in the story that there were ghosts in a particular area of the prisons He added that it was a rumour spread by some prison officers and detainees. "It has been spread by a few persons with vested interests to deter others visiting the area as there were nefarious activities taking place there," he said.

"Even during the period when the gallows were operating and several condemned prisoners were hanged, no one spoke of having seen a single ghost and there had been times that those hanged had their last gasp after struggling for some time but there were no ghosts," he pointed out.

However, so far, no one has officially informed the authorities of having seen ghosts, he said adding that certain sections in the prison had spread rumours that a Buddhist religious ceremony would be held today to ward off the evil spirits, but dismissed those claims saying that it was a practice that a series of religious ceremonies be held at the prison to mark the Full Moon Poya Day every month.

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