Buddhist monks risk contracting diabetes

By Don Asoka Wijewardena

 Around 50 per cent of the country’s Buddhist priests seem to be on the verge of contracting diabetes due to consuming unhealthy food offered by the people at alms-giving ceremonies and various other religious functions.

Following requests made by a few temples,

Minister Maithripala Sirisena has instructed Consultant Nutritionist Dr. Ms. Renuka Jayatisa, of the Medical Research Institute (MRI) Nutrition Section, to prepare a healthy menu for the Buddhist priests so that they could have well-balanced diets instead of consuming unhealthy food, the Health Ministry said.

Minister Sirisena told The Island that devotees offered large quantities of food to the Buddhist priests and these foods contained high-fat and were sugar-based, thereby many priests had developed diabetes and renal complications.

He pointed out that it was evident that it was necessary to follow the consistent carbohydrate diet within the recommended CHo choices.

"The principal goal of the special menu for the monks is to protect their health, because due to the consumption of these types of foods, they are vulnerable to develop health complications," Minister Sirisena stressed.

He added that special units for priests would be set up in the Central-government and the provincial councils-run hospitals shortly. All the Buddhist priests would be able to visit these units without being in queues and get their blood-pressure and laboratory examinations done at their convenience.

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