US BTI proves effective mosquito combatant

By Don Asoka Wijewardena and norman palihawadana

 The Bacillus Thuringlensis Israelensis (BTI) bacteria, which had been imported from the United States of America, by Kayak Surgi Pharma (Pvt) Ltd., seemed to be highly effective in destroying dengue mosquito larvae.

Kayak Surgi Phama Managing Director Ishantha de Silva told the media, at hotel Cey-nor recently, that the special feature of the mosquito dunks was that the BTI bacteria had received the USA patent certificate and the US Environmental Authority Certificate as a harmless Bacteria which could be used in any environment. In addition, the BTI Bacteria had also received the approval of the Registration of the Insecticide Department and the Medical Research Institute (MRI).

He said that the mosquito dunks were capable of killing the lifespan of the 2nd stage of the dengue larvae and were resistant to any environment. The solid mosquito dunk was durable for one month.

De Silva added that the biological efficacy of the mosquito dunks was tested under field conditions. Many breeding sites such as tyres, fibre water tanks, plastic ware, ceramic ware and empty tins were selected for the study. The larval density in each breeding site was taken into account before the application of the mosquito dunks to the breeding sites. After the application, the larval density was monitored on the following day, and at one week intervals up to 30 days.

Kayak Administration Manager Ms. Barathi de Silva said that strain of the mosquito dunk was provided by the Kayak Surgi Phama (Pvt) Ltd. and the test article subjected to the toxicity testing contained the same strain as BTI, but all the toxicity testing was carried out in liquid form of the product while the dunks were in solid form.

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