2,500 kilos of rice found unfit for consumption siezed

By Lal Gunasekera

Two thousand five hundred kilos of Keeri Samba, unfit for human consumption, were taken into custody yesterday (26) by the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) from a trading establishment in Dam Street, Pettah.

The raiding party from the CAA found that the large stock of Keeri Samba was being sorted to retrieve what could be sold in the open market in view of the forthcoming festive season.

The special unit of the CAA for the main purpose of raiding such establishments was set up only this month (November) on the instructions of Cooperative and Internal Trade Minister Johnston Fernando.

Minister Fernando has directed the CAA to be extra vigilant during the forthcoming Christmas and New Year season on any trading establishment or trader unfairly jacking up prices on consumer items and Hoarding including rice, to make a quick buck.

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