Global ICT Conference in Sri Lanka on Dec. 13 and 14

ICTer2012 at the BMICH


The International Conference on Advances in ICT for Emerging Regions (ICTer2012), an annual academic conference, will be held on December 13 and 14 at the BMICH.

More than 70 papers have been submitted to ICTer2012 conference, of which 18 papers have been selected as the full papers, 11 as short papers and five as posters for presentation. All the authors of the papers accepted will be presenting them at the conference.

The list of reviewers is also published at the conference site and in the proceedings. The abstracts of the accepted papers can be accessed by clicking the title of papers listed under the program of the ICTer2012 conference (

Many media notices or advertisements on different types of conferences are published from time to time. All these conferences have their own objectives and are intended for a particular special interest group. Some conferences are "talk shows" conducted by famous speakers in their own right in typical marketing in the business domain and the participants are afforded an opportunity of listening and questioning them, the organizers said.

However, academic conferences are in a different domain altogether. They are intended to be more formal presentations of new developments in the chosen field and the speakers are selected based on the written articles which they have submitted in advance for peer review. The profile of the presenter will not be divulged and his/her work described in the article/research paper will be reviewed by two or three independent experts in the area, they said.

Generally, the work presented in an academic conference is mainly focused on novel contributions to the domain knowledge. This does not mean that academic conferences prevent publishing any existing or ongoing research and development work that will enhance the knowledge of attendees. Hence, academic conferences provide a valuable opportunity for researchers, practitioners, teachers, students or any other person to widen his or her knowledge horizon as well as to interact with experts in the domain, they noted.

Good conferences are usually affiliated to international professional organizations well-known in the relevant academic and professional domain. This affiliation is the certification to call such a conference an international event. These professional bodies will make the outcome of conferences available to a larger audience, the organizers said.

ICTer2012 Conference is associated with the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) []. All full papers that will be presented at the ICTer conference will be published in the IEEE digital library known as IEEE Xplore (

The participation as well as presenting a paper in an international conference is considered a memorable experience by those who are part of the event. Therefore, ICTer2012 is a good opportunity for those interested in widening their horizons in computing and information technology to actively participate by listening to the deliberations and networking with the leading personalities, they said.

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