Many Lankans victims of forced labour despite much progress – US Ambassador


By Dulakshi Wakista

Too many Sri Lankans - especially women -were finding themselves in conditions of forced labour through such practices as restrictions on their movement, withholding of their passports, threats, physical or sexual abuse, and threats of detention and deportation, US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Ms. Michele J. Sison said, on Wednesday (12), at the BMICH.

According to the Ambassador, Trafficking in Persons report of the State Department highlighted that Sri Lanka had made progress to prevent trafficking, both internally and externally, by convicting labour recruitment agents involved in fraudulent recruitment.

The government had taken steps to set up a Government Shelter for Women Victims of Human Trafficking, with funding from the US, Child Development and Women’s Welfare Minister Tissa Karaliyadda said.

He said that the women were forced to undergo many hardships to overcome their poverty, especially those who seek employment within the country and abroad.

They are the victims of human traffickers. They are forced to agree to brutal working conditions which include sexual abuse and slavery. Women lose their respect and human rights, the Minister said.

The Government Shelter for Women Victims of Human Trafficking would be provide sanctuary for women and children who have been victimized, he added.

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