Jilted cop kills ex-girlfriend, swallows poison


By Norman Palihawadana and Hemantha Randunu

A constable attached to Moneragala police yesterday morning swallowed poison after killing his ex-girlfriend who was also a constable by slashing her throat with a manna knife on the overhead bridge between Transworks House and Lake House.

The deceased was WPC Nadisha Madubhashini Samarasinghe (26), a member of the police women’s cricket team.

The suspect was Nilantha Pushpakumara, now warded at the National Hospital in a critical condition.

The incident occurred while the victim was crossing the road, using the overhead bridge, to take a bus to reach Field Force Headquarters to attend cricket practice.

She had been released to the women’s cricket pool during the last three months and had been attending cricket practices daily. She travelled from her quarters in Fort.

Nadishani was attached to the police Clearance Unit. Investigations have revealed that the duo had a love affair and the victim had broken it off.

According to police sources, Constable Pushpakumara had happened to speak to Madubhashini on an official matter and later it had turned out to be a love affair one year back.

After sometime there had been quarrels between the two and the victim had tried to distance herself from her boyfriend a few months back despite his strong objections.

She had told Pushpakumara that since she had severed all connections with him, he should not even talk to her.

The suspect had obtained leave from his station claiming that his mother was indisposed and instead of going home to Walapane, left for Colombo with the intention of taking revenge from her.

He had waited for her near the overhead bridge to kill her if she refused to change her mind.

Around 6.30 a.m. while she was crossing the bridge, he picked up an argument with her.

Though Nadishani tried to escape from the clutches of her former lover he pulled out the knife, caught her by her long tresses and slashed her neck. Thereafter, he swallowed poison he had brought in a phial.

Nadishani had succumbed to the injuries before she was taken to hospital, the police said.

A beggar woman was an eye witness to what was going on and hearing her cries the police had arrived at the scene.

The suspect was rushed to hospital in a serious condition.

Pushpakumara is a bachelor and resident of Walapane.

A cousin of the victim, Jagath Abeywardane (30) of Bibile confirmed that the couple had had an affair, but elders of both sides were not agreeable.

"One day in the absence of Nadishani Pushpakumara visited her home and threatened saying that he would take his life after killing her, if they were not allowed to get married," he said.

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