Pepper racket busted in Pettah

By Dilanthi Jayamanne

Over five hundred kilos of pepper were seized, by Food and Public Health Inspectors of the Colombo Central MOH office, from wholesale traders at Dam Street in the Pettah.

Food Inspector Lal Kumara said yesterday that the pepper had been drained of its oil and only the refuse was being sold at wholesale shops to mill owners and retail shops which pound and mix it with better quality pepper powder.

Kumara said that it had been revealed that the oil was drained out by a company in Digana Kandy for export purposes, while the remains were purchased by wholesale traders and brought to Colombo where it was sold to mill owners, who powder it and retail it.

He said that the pepper had been sent to the Government Analyst for further analysis.

The Colombo Municipal Council’s Public Health Department carried out inspections on wholesale dealers in Pettah last week and destroyed large quantities of rotten vegetables, fruits and grains which had been imported.



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