SF invites ousted CJ to form new party, topple govt.


By Saman Indrajith

Former Army Commander Gen. Sarath Fonseka has renewed his call to ousted Chief Justice Dr. Shirani Bandaranayake to join forces with him to form a new political party and topple what he calls the dictatorial Rajapaksa regime.

Gen Fonseka, addressing a select group of journalists, in Colombo on Tuesday evening, said that the ex-Chief Justice, like him, too had become a victim of the present regime and there were many more people in the same predicament as they. "Together we all can bring about the change needed in Sri Lankan politics. We can clean up this mess," he said.

Gen. Fonseka said that the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) had outlived its purpose and a new political force was necessary to take on the government effectively. "The government is corrupt to the core and digging its own grave. With the increasing international isolation and the crisis at home, I will give this government two years. The UNP is useless. In this context, a new party should come to help the people."

Gen. Fonseka said that the ex-Chief Justice had made a statement to the media that she would dedicate herself for the cause of the masses and it seemed that she intended to enter politics.

He stressed the need for securing external support to dislodge the present government. "When a government has a grasp on all sectors of power, it cannot be defeated without outside support. When the Opposition parties muster the support of the international community, they are branded traitors.

All the dictators pose as patriots and their political enemies are branded traitors." He said Hitler, Marcos and Gaddafi had done so.

Gen. Fonseka said that over 75,000 troops had left the security forces after the conclusion of the war in May, 2009. "The army is battle fatigued and those who fought the war have not been rested. My plan was to recruit 100,000 additional troops to the army immediately after the war so that those who had been actively engaged in war could be given some rest."

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