CJ Impeachment: Bankrupt JVP making hilarious allegations against Ranil - Tissa

by Zacki Jabbar

 The UNP said yesterday that the JVP had gone totally bankrupt and was making hilarious allegations against its leader Ranil Wickremesinghe to the effect that he had backed the impeachment motion against former Chief Justice Dr. Shirani Bandaranayake.

UNP General Secretary Tissa Atttanyake addressing a news conference in Colombo said that it was the UNP that had played a leading role in defending Bandaranayake during the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) inquiry into 14 allegations leveled against her by 117 government MPs.

Parliamentarians John Ameratunga and Lakshman Kiriella, on behalf of the UNP raised several objections on the biased nature of the PSC proceedings, including its failure to grant the ex-CJ sufficient time to answer the case framed against her. To say that its leader had sided with the signatories to the motion while his party’s nominees in the PSC were fighting for justice was not only stupid but hilarious and indicated the extent to which the Marxist party had deteriorated, he noted.

Attanayake said that the JVP was worried about the gradual increase in the UNP vote base. Instead of taking on the Rajapaksa regime for disregarding Apex Court rulings on the Impeachment process it was trying in vain to tarnish the image of the main Opposition party.

The UNP did everything possible expected of it in trying to stall the Impeachment of Bandaranayake, but the dictatorial Rajapaksa regime continued to do what it wanted due to a two thirds majority it had obtained in parliament through the most unethical manner, he said.

Attanayake said that the UNP was even preparing to file legal action against 18 of its MPs, who were now with the government and had voted for the PSC report which found the former CJ guilty of three of five allegations it had examined, in defiance of a party directive not to do so. Its actions spoke louder than words and the people knew who was speaking the truth.

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