Anandasangaree complains of step-motherly treatment

Speech delivered by Mr. V. Anandasangaree at the Annual General Meeting of the TULF held at the Party Head Quarters on 29-12-2012:

Ladies and Gentleman, The position of the Tamil Speaking People today is worse than ever before and is deteriorating day by day. Things became worse due to the disunity among us, the dictatorial attitude of some leaders and selfishness of some others. For more than two years the Tamil United Liberation Front gave unconditional support to the Tamil National Alliance. The first resolution passed by you at the last General Council Meeting was that the TULF will continue to strengthen the TNA. Inspite of several embarrassments the TULF faced, the TULF never intended to work against the TNA. Realizing the precarious situation the Tamils are facing today the TULF will continue to support the TNA as and when required. But during the last two years the leaders of the TULF and the PLOTE were utilized to carry the Federal Party leaders in a Palanquin. At this juncture I find a letter written by me to Mr. Sampanthan on 01-12-2011 as very appropriate to quote. I give the full text of the letter.

My dear Sam

Pardon, me for this letter written with great sense of responsibility, which you may not find as a palatable one. When the Tamils of this country, in the North and East in particular are facing a bleak future and the situation is worsening day by day and when the problems are increasing in leaps and bounds, you and I can’t afford to play the fiddle, as the Roman Emperor Nero did while the city of Rome was burning. I am fully conscious of the situation and we should now wake up to the call of the helpless masses. Being very seniors in politics, compared to other Tamil Leaders, it is now our duty to give proper leadership to the Tamils, for which I am prepared to make any sacrifice.

I had been in active politics for more than half a century. The first election that I ever contested was the Colombo Municipal Elections, in Dec 1959, although I had taken to politics much earlier. I did not run behind anyone begging for positions. Whatever positions I held were all my personal achievements. Most people do not know that I am a lawyer and a notary public. The day I got elected to Parliament in 1970, I gave up my practice completely.

In politics I have a clean record, very much loved and respected by the late Hon. G. G. Ponnambalam and Hon. S. J. V. Chelvanayagam and also by my colleagues in the TULF. You should know the untiring efforts I took to keep the TULF alive more particularly after the demise of some of our leaders. I was never a stooge or a flatterer of anybody. I lived and I am living to this very moment, up to my ideals. I am sure you will not dispute this. You are the only one, out of my colleagues in politics, living today to vouch for my claims.

Having been in politics for over 55 years and taken part in a series of discussion along with you and the senior leaders who are no more, I personally feel that my contribution in the talks you are now having with the Government would have helped more to find a solution. In this matter the experience one has will be more helpful.

Apart from your appeal and that of your colleagues in the TNA, for all political parties to get together, there was extreme pressure for me, and for Mr. Siddharthan leader of the PLOTE from the public to join the TNA and to work with them. For me it was not difficult to work with the TNA because I was one of those responsible for forming the original TNA, just before the Election held in the year 2001 at which I polled over 36,000 votes and came first out of the nine elected in the Electoral District of Jaffna. Just before the nominations were accepted for the local election, at the time when you had undergone an operation in India, Mr. Siddharthan and I went to your party office and offered our unconditional support for the TNA’s candidates, to be nominated. At the request of the Secretary of the ITAK we gave a few names as a token of our co-operation, to be included in some local bodies. We did not bargain for seats, but just gave one or more names for certain councils only. It is after this I came to Chennai and saw you. It was a trip exclusively to see you and I returned the next day. We endeavored to address as many meetings as possible in support of the TNA candidates. Our co-operation was such that the people believed in our genuineness. Meetings were well attended with more people taking part in the voting. The TULF saved two councils for the TNA, both of which would have gone to the Government.

Offer of support by the TULF and the PLOTE was well received by various sectors. When the TNA was invited to America, I expected you to have a discussion with me and Mr. Siddharthan, to get our views atleast in this matter. You did not do it. On your, return even after three weeks now you did not bother to tell us what transpired between your team and the Americans or Canadians. If your visit had been a personal one I won’t expect you to brief us. You have a sacred duty to the Tamil People which demands united action of all likeminded Leaders.

The Governments team knows what you have asked them and your team also, I hope, knows among themselves what you are asking from the Government. I wish to know what you are hiding and from whom? I am personally of the view that keeping it a secret will not do any good for the cause unless you justify your action, with suitable explanation to the Tamil People, who elected you to represent them.

I do not agree ,with you, if you say that the people had rejected me at the poll and hence you are not bound to keep me informed of the various developments in the ethnic issues. My position is that, at a fair and free election held in 2001, I came first out of the nine members elected to Parliament from the Electoral District of Jaffna by obtaining over 36,000 votes. I have already given briefly how I met my defeat at the 2004 election. I do not want to remind you of the bitter incidents that happened at this election, unless you want me to spell it out If the situation demands I may have to do it . From the day Mr. Siddharthan and I met at your office and voluntarily pledged our support to the TNA at the local election, I stopped writing anything about you or about your party’s omissions and commissions, for the only reason that I had promised to forget the past and also ignore any misunderstandings I may be having with you and the others. But others seem to have not changed and are working according to their own agenda.

Continued tomorrow

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