Hakeem threatens to quit portfoloio in one month if……

Cornered by Ampara SLMC voters

Sri Lanka Muslim Congress Leader and Minister of Justice Rauff Hakeem on Tuesday (5) threatened to resign, along with the other SLMC ministers, from all portfolios if the government fails to fulfill the SLMC’s demands within one month.

He made this threat at a meeting, hurriedly convened by the Ampara district group members of the SLMC, when he was present in the district for the first time after the appointment of the new cabinet of ministers.

The meeting was held at the vocational training centre in Nintavur.

The group posed various questions and the SLMC leader maintained silence, always with a smile, in order to control the prevailing situation there.

The group queried the recent appointment of Basheer Segu Dawood as Minister and wanted to know the reason why the Batticaloa district, with a lesser number votes cast for the SLMC, was given prominence with the appointment of a minister disregarding the Ampara district, which had around 80,000 votes cast for the SLMC at elections.

The group also wanted to know the reason why the SLMC was sticking with the government when none of its demands had been met. The group accused the SLMC leadership of sticking to the government only to enjoy ministerial benefits and privileges provided by the state, without fulfilling the aspirations of the SLMC voters.   

Minister Hakeem, addressing the meeting, said that the SLMC ministers would resign from their portfolios if the government failed to meet the demands put forward to the government within a period of one month. A resolution was adopted at the meeting that the government should announce the formation of Kalmunai Coastal District within one month.

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