UNP–led common opposition front to be formed today

JVP, DNA left out, attempts to woo them later

By Ravi Ladduwahetty

A UNP-led common opposition front comprising eleven parties will be formed today at the New Town Hall at 2.00 p.m. to take on the government. The JVP and the Democratic National Alliance, led by General Sarath Fonseka, have been left out of the new front.

The political parties to sign the Memorandum of Understanding are the United Socialist Alliance, Maubima Janatha Party, Ruhuna Janatha Party, Nava Sihala Urumaya, Nava Sama Samaja Party, Tamil Muslim Janatha Party, Democratic People’s Front, Tamil National Alliance and others.

Members of the common front would see how well they could work together to dislodge the government, UNP General Secretary Tissa Attanayake told The Island last night.Asked why the JVP and the DNA had not been included in the grand alliance, Attanayake said that they would be spoken to later as it was only a preliminary meeting and the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding.

"We have been working with the JVP on several occasions and we will be talking to them and the DNA at a later date," Attanayake said.

"The common front will conduct a series of meetings on a countrywide basis to keep the masses informed of the shortcomings of the government and we are confident that a considerable opposition against the government would be built by the end of 2013," Attanayake remarked.

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