President will link new Chunnakam power station to national grid today

By lfham Nizam

President Mahinda Rajapaksa will today inaugurate the integration of the 24 MW Thermal Power Plant, at Chunnakam, in the Jaffna Peninsula, to the main grid.

The Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), under the direction of former Power and Energy Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka established the 24 MW Thermal Power plant in Chunnakam last year.

Power and Energy Ministry officials said yesterday that the new connection would stabilise the electricity supply in the Jaffna peninsula with the completion of the construction of the Kilinochchi-Chunnakam transmission line.

CEB’s subsidiary company, ‘Lakdanavi’ last year set up three plants 3x8. The total cost of the project was Rs. 4,000 million.

The Power and Energy Ministry said that some 150 persons would be directly employed at the Chunnakam plant, while another 100 employment opportunities related to logistics, catering and accommodation were available.

Power and Energy Minister Pavithradevi Wanniarachchi said that it was highly essential to have an uninterrupted power supply to uplift livelihood of the Jaffna citizens.

She said that with that aim, the project had become one of the high concerns of the Government.

The electricity that is being generated through this power plant is to be transmitted to the Main sub grid of Jaffna and through the Kilinochchi-Chunnakam transmission line electricity would be brought to Kilinochchi as well.

With this project the Ministry of Power and Energy forecasts that the existing coverage in the Jaffna Peninsula would increase to 100 per cent.

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