Gen. Fonseka says learnt of wife’s candidacy from newspapers


by Saman Indrajith

 DNA leader and former Army Commander, General Sarath Fonseka yesterday said that he came to know of his wife’s possible candidacy for the chief ministerial post in either the Wayamba or Central Provincial Council, both of which are expected to be dissolved soon, only through newspapers.

"Nobody mentioned such a thing to me, until I saw it on newspapers. Nobody has so far asked her to contest a provincial poll."

Contacted for comment on certain reports that he was planning to form a new political party on Saturday (23) at Kurunegala under the name ‘Jathika Pavura’, Gen Fonseka said there was no truth in those stories. The ‘Jathika Pavura’ was only an alternative organization to serve an umbrella for political leaders from various parties of the Opposition. "We plan to invite Sajith Premadasa and Karu Jayasuriya of the UNP and politicians such as Mano Ganeshan. We hope that they would come and join us. Already UNP dissidents such as Palitha Rangebandara, Ashoka Abeysinghe, Maithree Gunaratne and Shiral Lakthilaka have promised to attend Saturday’s event at Kurunegala."

The ‘Jathika Pavura’ would open its district head office in the Kurunegala Town on Saturday.

Gen. Fonseka said that a new party would certainly be formed and it would contest the polls for the councils in the Central and Wayamba provinces. "Yet, we have not decided on a name for it. The ‘Jathika Pavura’ could be used as a stepping stone for the new party," he said.

Upali Amarasiri and Palitha Pelpola had been named as the President and General Secretary of the ‘Jathika Pavura’ organization, party sources said.

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