"I offered tea, they threw acid"

Victim doctor speaks to The Island:


By Norman Palihawadana and Percy Kuruneru

North Central Province Ayurveda Commissioner Dr. Chandrakumara de Alwis, warded at the National Hospital, Colombo, after Friday morning’s acid attack, relating his harrowing story, said that two persons had visited his official residence, in the very early hours of Friday morning, claiming that they had traveled all the way from Matara bringing a paralytic patient to him for treatment and pleaded with him to open the door.

"I was fast asleep at the time, as I had returned around midnight after attending a parliamentary committee meeting in Kotte the previous day," he said.

"I opened the door and told them that there were no beds available, but to have some tea," the commissioner said.

"As I was turning towards the living room, to tell my wife to  prepare some tea, I got a strong smell and told the two visitors about it and in a flash they threw acid on my face".

The Commissioner said, "A lot of people are jealous of me and there was a poster campaign against me and I reported it to the Secretary of the Provincial Council and he felt sad about it," Dr. Alwis lamented.

"The Secretary told me to complain to the police. I have treated many people in my life and I strongly feel that I will regain my sight," he said.

"The doctors and medical staff at the National Hospital are making every effort to cure me," he said.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa too had inquired about the condition of the commissioner and instructed the police to speed up the investigations to arrest those responsible, the doctor said.

Director of the Colombo National Hospital Dr. Anil Jasinha said that the Commissioner, had been moved out of the Eye Hospital to a medical ward last Saturday, for treatment for possible respiratory difficulties arising from the acid attack.

Dr. Jasinha however said that they could not guarantee the restoration of the Commissioner’s sight, but would their utmost to cure him.

Dr. Chandrakumaras eyes were operated on at the Eye Hospital on Friday afternoon after being rushed from Anuradhapura.

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