Justifying July ‘83


Reader Mahawatte continues the morally reprehensible practice of attempting to justify the anti-Tamil riots of July ’83. His argument seems to be that the tigers used an exploder, the state blundered in bringing the bodies of the soldiers to Kanatte and the grieving relatives then laid into the Tamils. This is incredible argumentation and is easily refuted by four questions.

Firstly, where were the Tigers, the ‘exploders’, the dead soldiers and the grieving relatives, when Tamil citizens were slaughtered in 1958?

Secondly, where were the ‘exploders’, dead soldiers and grieving relatives of soldiers at Kanatte when Sinhala mobs killed Tamils in 1977?

Thirdly why weren’t there American mobs slaughtering American Muslim citizens when Al Qaeda exploded two planes into the World Trade Centre’s Twin Towers killing 3,000 innocent US civilians?

Fourthly, why weren’t there any English mobs murdering Irishmen, women and children when IRA bombs exploded in London, killing civilians?


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