Bank manageress deadlier than male

By Wimal Keerthi

The brains behind the bogus robbery of jewellery, valued at more than Rs. 20 million, from a Rural bank at Ja-ela, was the manageress, police said yesterday.

The manageress had staged the fake robbery with the assistance of her nephew and a notorious criminal.

The alleged robbery had taken place on January 30 this year at Madama Junction, Ekala, Ja-ela at about 8.00 a.m., according to a complaint lodged with the Ja-ela police.

The Negombo District Crimes Detection Bureau took over the investigations after Sergeant A. A. Sudath Gunawaedena of the Bureau received a tip off that it was staged to cover the pawning of fake gold jewellery, to the bank, by the manageress’ nephew over a long period of time.

They had staged the bogus robbery to prevent the fake gold jewellery being discovered and with the idea of escaping to a foreign country, police said.

Investigators have also found that the person who acted as the robber was a notorious criminal from Ratnapura. He is now in remand custody at the Kuruwita prison for throwing acid on a person and four rape cases.

Through the use of a decoy, the investigators had managed to get the details of the robbery from the man in remand. The police recovered part of the loot, jewellery to the value of Rs. 04 million, given to the notorious criminal as his share from the robbery, from his wife.

Investigations had also revealed that on the day of the ‘robbery’ the notorious criminal, the manageress and her nephew had gone to the bank, opened the safe and placed all the jewellery in a bag carried by the criminal.

Thereafter, the manageress had pretended to have fainted after being assaulted by robbers. Out of about ten million rupees obtained by the manageress and her nephew from the robbery, they had paid Rs. 2.8 million to two job agents to find them jobs abroad, but those two agents too have vanished with the money.

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