Tug of war between docs and PHIs continues in Polonnaruwa

by Dasun Edirisinghe

Public Health Inspectors in the Polonnaruwa District threatened to strike today if the Secretary of their union was not released from the Hingurakgoda MoH office to engage in trade union activities.

Doctors attached to hospitals coming under the North Central Provincial Council in the Polonnaruwa district struck work on Tuesday demanding an investigation against the PHI union’s secretary and his immediate transfer. They suspended the strike on an assurance from provincial health secretary, but they vowed to resume it again if he was released to engage in trade union activities.

President of the Public Health Inspectors Union of Sri Lanka Upul Rohana told The Island that if the provincial Health Secretary did not release their union secretary for trade union activities immediately they would launch a strike today.

"If he has committed anything wrong he must be punished after a proper inquiry, but for the moment he should be released," Rohana said.

Spokesman of the Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) Dr. Naveen Zoysa said that they wanted the PHI transferred out of the district and an inquiry conduted.

However, GMOA spokesman, Dr. Zoysa said that they would resume the strike if the PHI was released before the completion of the inquiry against him.

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