1983 riots: ‘a voice of sanity’

I wrote as the former Chairman/Managing Director of Lanka Cement Ltd., and also as Managing Director of Sri Lanka Cement Corporation how an exploder was used by the LTTE terrorists to blast the lorry carrying 13 soldiers and the subsequent riots were not an uprising against our Tamil citizens. But some wrote criticising and ridiculing me, but Mr. Sebastian Rasalingam from Toronto, Canada wrote in The Island recently: "In my belief the 1983 pogrom started as a spontaneous Sinhala reaction to the killing of the 13 soldiers by the LTTE. However, the uprising was immediately hijacked by parties who had the Tamil household lists, to intimidate those non-conforming Tamil homes who did not contribute to the cause. However they in turn were outnumbered and hijacked by even more horrendous goons, jingoists etc., who moved in to pillage and plunder". I like to believe that Mr. Rasalingam’s description would have silenced my critics.

Mr. Izeth Hussain has said in a recent article in The Island that another July ’83 is impending this time against the Muslims and reiterated his view again in another article on April 01, "Genocidal anti-Muslim racism".

The Ides of March has now passed with a resolution passed at the UNHRC by a mere three vote majority moved by the US. The majority of the Muslim countries supported Sri Lanka though the West may have sought to avoid this situation by creating a rift in Sri Lanka between the Muslim community and the Sinhala Buddhists by engineering a controversy over halal. What the Muslims eat or do not eat is up to them to decide. Fortunately, it was nipped in the bud and the Muslim countries voted with Sri Lanka.

I would like to propose to the government to invite those countries who abstained and also voted against the US resolution to Sri Lanka so that they could see for themselves how the Tamils, Muslims and the Sinhalese are living in Sri Lanka and the development taking place more in the North and the East.

P. S. Mahawatte
Colombo 5

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