Eravur double murder a teen job

Victims’ daughter among those arrested

By Madura Ranwala

 The Eravur police investigating the killing of fancy goods businessman and his wife on April 7 have arrested the victims’ 16-year-old daughter, her boyfriend and two of their friends. The suspects were arrested on Sunday afternoon. The police said that all suspects were in their teens.

Police Spokesman told The Island that the suspects had been taken into custody a week after the police investigations revealed their alleged links to the killings.

Police sources said that the girl had given her parents sleeping tablets before they went to bed and then helped the perpetrators to kill her own father and mother.

According to one of the relatives, the girl’s parents had objected to their daughter’s affair with the main suspect. At the time of going to press, the suspects were being taken to the Eravur magistrate’s residence.

The victims, 48-year-old Shivaguru Ragu and 42-year-old Sundara Murthi Chipra, were hacked to death at their residence in Chenkaladi, Batticaloa, by the suspects while they were sleeping in their house. Their their 16-year-old only daughter was sleeping in an adjoining room. The daughter was not harmed by the killers.

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