Free Masons — silent benefactors to the needy — organize blood donation campaign


By Steve A. Morrell

Branwell Smith, Chairman, Committee of Management, The Victoria Masonic Temple (VMT), said the Free Masons of Sri Lanka have organized an event to donate blood with the objective of augmenting blood storage in the Blood Bank.

He said that donating blood is a national need and considering its importance, the Free Masons, who have been silent benefactors to numerous national projects, decided to request support of the public towards this effort.

Dr. Suresh Britto, a highly placed medical professional and a senior Free Mason, said blood donation is usually not considered a personal priority and potential donors tend to postpone this personal function to lower priority. However, when the need arises they too would have to depend on supplies from the Blood Bank.

Being a practicing medical person, he said the Blood Bank frequently runs short of supplies and emergencies that develop to save lives, quite often places the Blood Bank under stress to supply blood when needed. He said this blood donation campaign was organized to ease such stress situations and to serve as a national need.

Smith, a senior Free Mason, who heads the VMT committee of management serves as the Chairman/Managing Director of Unicel. "This will the first event where the Free Masons have gone public in their image to assist a national need. Previously too, the Masonic Movement have assisted in national events, but have done so as silent partners in their benefactory programs", he noted.

This event was considered a national need and subject to its importance, the Free Masons decided it should have full impact of blood donation to help ease personal stress when the need arises, he said.

Donors are requested to assemble at the Victoria Masonic Temple, Saturday, April 27 from 9 am to 3 pm to donate blood. The age limit has been placed at 18 years to 60 years, weighing over 50 kilos and in good health. The benefactory incentives of the Blood Bank will apply.

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