‘Be careful of Canadian aid for trilingual Sri lanka’

I refer to the news Item on page one of the "Island" of 25th April,2013 under the heading "Breach of Protocol". The high handed attitude of the National Languages Project of the Canadian Government to ask for the Bio-Data of Sri Lankan VIPs for submission to the Commissioner of Official Languages of Canada Mr. Graham Fraizer should be condemned in the strongest terms .

Language is a very sensitive issue and as much as it can unify the country in the vision of our President, it can also be manipulated to divide and destroy our country once again. Foreigners and specially Canadians who are now hell bent on weakening the present Government and even boycotting the CHOGAM if it is held in our country should not be allowed to meddle with this sensitive issue which they can use for their own political purposes.

As a Tamil Citizen who does not want to see a resurgence of communal tension and conflict I appeal to His Excellency the President to see that his Ministers do not violate the Policy Statement of the National Ten Year Plan for a Trilingual Sri Lanka, paragraphs 11.10 – 11.11 which state as follows:

11.10 " Language and national integration are matters concerned with politics and state security. Seeking outside assistance has to be done cautiously and with much forethought, especially with evidence surfacing no less than in an interim Report of the Select Committee of Parliament for investigation of the Operations of Non Governmental Organizations and their impact (Parliamentary Series No.20 of the Sixth Parliament of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (Third Session), that regarded the conduct of certain high ranking officials of the government to have jeopardized the autonomy of their institutions, by failing to adequately supervise and be informed of the activities of INGOs/NGOs."

11.1 " Therefore, supported by the findings of the Committee, the trilingual initiative should necessarily be a home grown process. INGOs and donors could provide technical assistance as and when requested by the government and/or providing financial support directly to the government to be utilized by the government. Language and national integration must remain the sole responsibility of the State and the people of Sri Lanka, whose objective is to promote the national interests of the country at all cost, which may not be comprehended by external donors, schooled and ingrained in a different perspective far removed from ours."

Please save Sri Lanka from those who come in the guise of friends with packets of Dollars and enjoyable Foreign Trips with which to buy the loyalty of our officials to subvert the national interest of our beloved motherland.

R T S Kandasamy

Retired Teacher

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