Former Matugama MP dies


Former Matugama Parliamentarian Daya T. Pasqual passed away yesterday at the ripe old age of 102.

Mr. Pasqual, who was elected to the Matugama seat, without a break from 1956 to 1977 on the SLFP ticket, also served as the Deputy Minister of Justice in the 1970 to ’77 United Front government of Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike. Prior to that, he was the Deputy Minister of Finance in the short lived government of Prime Minister W. Dahanayake and Deputy Minister of Local Government and Housing and Industries and Trade in Mrs. Bandaranaike’s government of 1960-‘66

He had his education at Ananda Sastralaya, Kotte. On completing his education he served as an English language teacher at the same school.

During the Second World War a branch of the Kotte Ananda Sastralaya was established at Matugama and Mr. Pasqual played a pioneering role in its establishment. Today, Ananda Sastralaya, Matugama is a national school.

He entered active politics in 1943 by being elected the Chairman of Horawala Village Council. He later worked to elevate it to an Urban Council, in which too he served as its first Chairman.

Throughout his political career he practiced gentlemanly politics and was respected by everyone. He spent much of his time on the education of area children.

His funeral will be held on Saturday at the Matugama public grounds.

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