OpenArc to develop well-groomed IT professionals

Next intake of Colombo University BIT program

OpenArc Campus is a hive of activity at present as it prepares for the next intake of students planning to follow the BIT programme at the University of Colombo.

Having commenced operations in 1991, OpenArc Campus functions with the objective of producing graduates with industrial skills in Information Technology. Earlier, the campus was producing skilled graduates for employment at OpenArc Systems Management, which is its parent organization. OpenArc Campus traditionally has been building its core competencies on its philosophy of producing "work ready" graduates.

From the beginning of this year, OpenArc Campus opened its doors to the public to enroll and follow BIT, BCS, Project Management and Corporate Training and other programmes on offer. This has enabled students intending to follow BIT at the University of Colombo to enroll with OpenArc Campus, thereby giving them an opportunity to get a well-groomed training, based on the academic strengths and a mentoring philosophy, which has been built with over two decades of experience.

In the past, students from OpenArc Campus have been very successful at Colombo University’s BIT External Degree with the highest overall pass rate and highest number of passes with honours mainly owing to the some of the unique resources available for the students at this Campus.

Apart from its modern facilities located at Kirulapone (Colombo 6), OpenArc Campus produces unmatched learning experience through Academic Staff who are industry leaders with hands-on knowledge in all aspects of Software development.

Along with the excellent academic curricula, student undergoes various additional short capacity building programmes designed to provide higher results in BIT exams. This has enabled the students to acquire wider skills-set beyond the theoretical exam based knowledge. This has enabled students at OpenArc to become extremely successful at exams, while becoming job ready at the same time. Most students have found immediate employment after graduation. Very high pass rate at BIT, has made OpenArc Campus the preferred choice among BIT students.

OpenArc is proud of its Graduates Thiwanka (First Class), Upeka (First Class) and Shanaka (Second Class, lower) who passed with honours at the 2012 Convocation of Colombo University BIT Programme and have brought fame to our institution.

The Chairman of OpenArc Campus, Mr. Daya Hettiarachchi reiterated that the Campus is fully committed to developing graduates who possess excellent ’soft’ and ’hard skills’ pertaining to their programmes. He also said that OpenArc Campus is equally concerned that these graduates develop high ethical and, moral values and grow up to become responsible corporate citizens. The Campus runs parallel programmes along with the syllabus to inculcate these values. "Naturally we are proud of our past and present students and they are our seal of fame".


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