Gayantha recalls Govt minister’s comment on beef eating and cattle slaughter


by Zacki Jabbar

The Jahtika Hela Urumaya (JHU) was calling for the abolition of the Provincial Council system, while enjoying its benefits, the UNP said yesterday.

UNP Media spokesman Gayantha Karunathillake MP, addressing a news conference in Colombo, said that the JHU was a shameless party which changed its principles to suit its needs.

He noted that a government Minister had recently said that the behaviour of some constituent members of the UPFA was akin to "Eating beef while objecting to the slaughter of cattle."

The JHU was quick to protest over even minor issues the MP said, but acted as if it was deaf and blind, when its members sat in the various Provincial Councils and obtained all perks and privileges that the system had to offer.

Karunathillake observed that the Rajapaksa regime had come to power pledging to establish a righteous society where the rule of law would prevail. However, when its Provincial Council members assaulted policemen, as it had happened many times, no action had been taken.

The only conclusion that could be drawn was that the government was behaving like the puppets displayed during Vesak, having been frightened into submission by the JHU and the NFF, which were like the tail wagging the dog, he noted.

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