Absconding PS chief thanks media for publicity

by Norman Palihawadana

 Embilipitiya Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman M. K. Amila, who was accused of assaulting two police constables attached to Panamure police on May 26, yesterday thanked the media for giving him undue publicity and added, "I am not scared of the media and I have not done anything wrong".

Amila is the son of Southern Provincial Council Minister M. K. Ranjith alias ‘Chandi Malli’ who was shot dead in 2002 while he was returning after presenting himself at the CID on a court directive in an alleged murder case.

Chamila’s brother M. K. Kasun is the Chairman of the Beliatta Pradeshiya Sabha.

Amila said: "No one raised any questions about the alleged assault until last Saturday. On June 01, a Police Inspector visited my home and asked me to surrender to police and I will surrender through a lawyer on Tuesday (04). I have not done any wrong."

"If you make a mistake, all the good that you have done in the past will be forgotten. The voters will decide my fate at the next election," the Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman said.

The two injured policemen are being treated in hospital.

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