Govt. bodies defy presidential order on eradicating dengue


By Don Asoka Wijewardena

Although Presidential Secretary Lalith Weeratunge has issued circulars, to all the Ministries, Departments and other government organizations, to form dengue eradication committees, 90 per cent of them have failed to carry out the order.

A complete report on those errant state organisations had been submitted to the Cabinet for its information, the Ministry said.

Minister Sirisena said that a large-scale operation would be launched today to detect mosquito breeding grounds in the city. The operation will cover state and private sector organisations and households. It would be conducted by the Defence and Urban Development Ministry with the assistance of the Health Ministry.

He pointed out that in 2012, Secretary to the President Lalith Weeratunge had issued Circulars to all State organisations to form effective dengue eradication committees with the available resources. But, most of them had failed to comply. Around 90 per cent of the government organisations had not paid attention to the circular.

When a national crisis was posing a threat to the country it was the responsibility of all state organisations to act in unison, the Health Minister said, adding that Dengue prevention programmes could not be carried out solely by the Health Ministry.

He said the Ministry had shouldered the responsibility to treat and cure patients, while the other state organisations were supposed to assist it to eradicate the dengue menace which had become a major scourge to the nation.

Minister Sirisena added, "I have no alternative but to bring to the notice of the Cabinet the state organisations that have failed to form dengue eradication committees. The Presidential Secretariat has officially issued circulars, but 90 per cent of government organizations have ignored that directive."

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